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The foundation of this organisation was started on a Christian background after seeing the needs of different areas among the society we are in. We felt concerned about the education, social and economic status of the disadvanted people in Jinja district especially the disabled.

In 2003 some ex-prisoners and handicapped we shared our needs and we came up with a solution to see how we can help one another to come out of this situation. We did not have any support though we had the ideas: we started with handicrafts and we started training people in tailoring and knitting.

Our activities

  • We go out to prisons preach the Gospel to the people counsel them, show them their former mistakes, train them to start working.
  • We do help those who are handicapped with skills that can help them to be self reliant. We have a saying “Disability is not away of not able to help yourself”.
  • We are trying to help orphans go to school those who are still school going age.
  • New friends we met through NABUUR.com are helping us to start an ICT centre so as to help our community go through.
  • We are working together with ICU, FairGround Sessions and others to develop more activities that can make BEHOD a self supporting organisation.

We are hoping that if we get any support, or the if the ICT centre takes off we start getting income, we will be able to help many and we see that we can reduce the influx of non-employment.

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BEHOD is supported by Innovations Children Centre in Albuquerque.

BEHOD is also helped by volunteers worldwide on